Feather Light by Ultra Light Optics dental loupes light

The smallest, lightest dental loupes light

Weighs just 3 grams   -   All day battery life   -   Lifetime guarantee

The Feather Light LED has been rated the number one dental and surgical loupes head light for 4 consectuvie years.


An award winning loupes light from UltraLight Optics

The Feather Light by Ultralight Optics has been the industry standard in both weight and size and consistently rated as the best loupes light by dentists and surgeons.

Surgeon wearing Carl Zeiss loupes and feather light led
Dentist wearing dental loupes and ultra light optics light
Ultralight Optics is without a doubt: THE. BEST. DENTAL. HEADLIGHT. EVER! After trying several competitor lights over the years, there is no comparison to Ultralight. With the improved posture, light weight and small size, there is no way I could work without it. I’m so happy to have found Ultralight Optics because my career will never again be the same.

Feather Light by Ultralight Optics dental   loupes light LED module

Everything a loupes light should be: small, light, and powerful.



The Feather Light LED light is smaller and lighter than any other loupes light on the market. Encased in an incredibly thin 0.65" aluminium body, and weighing just 3 grams, you can use it comfortably all day long.



Feather Light takes loupes light illumination to the next level with up to 3,600 foot candles of intensity. With a powerful beam of continuous white light, you'll eliminate shadowing in the mouth, and the need for the overhead dental light.



Power all day long.



The battery pack will last an astonishing 16 hours on just a single charge. So from your first patient to your last, you can work unplugged.



Use the touch sensor to control Feather Light without removing your gloves, allowing you to work more efficiently than ever. Adjust the sensitivity of the sensor to allow it to be detected through clothing.




Feather Light by Ultralight Optics dental   loupes light touch battery pack
Feather Light by Ultralight Optics dental   loupes light composite filter and LED


UltraLight Optics lasts a lifetime.


Lifetime Guarantee

Aircraft grade aluminium alloy is used to construct each Feather Light unit, making it super lightweight and durable. We're so confident of our build quality that every Feather Light LED unit comes with a lifetime warranty.


WOrks with all dental loupes and surgical glasses

From Orascoptic to Zeiss, the Feather Light is compatible with any type of dental, loupes surgical loupes and surgical safety glasses. We have over 150 different brackets available.

And if we don't happen to have a bracket for your loupes, we'll make you one, at no extra cost


A dental loupes light and a surgical headlight

Feather Light can be used as a dental loupes light on loupes, or as a surgical headlight on safety glasses or head gear.


Choose the Feather Light LED that's right for you



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