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Feather Light Accessories


from £185.00

Standard battery (£185): the power of Feather Light in an affordable package, the perfect companion for any loupes.

Touch battery (£220): stay handsfree with innovative touch control, improving efficiency and infection control.

Advanced touch battery (£255): adjust the touch sensitivity so the sensor can be used under clothing including surgical gowns.


Safety Glasses

Safety glasses and loupes light. UltraLight Optics UK


Made by Smith and Weeson in the USA. Featuring an ergonomic rubber nose pad, anti-fog lenses and a pre-installed bracket for Feather Light.

Soft Headband

Soft head strap for veterinary loupes


Ideal for general dental and veterinary use, the soft headband is comfortable to wear all day long. Includes a pre-installed bracket for Feather Light.


Surgical headband for loupes


A fully adjustable surgical headband that is comfortable to wear and has hooks for the light wire. Includes a pre-installed bracket for Feather Light.  

Composite Filter

Dental loupes light orange composite filter


Prevent your composite curing with the orange composite filter.

Universal Charger

UltraLight Optics loupes light charger with adapter


Compatible with all plug sockets worldwide.

Additional bracket

Loupes bracket to fit any dental or surgical loupes


An additional bracket that will fit any loupes, safety glasses or eyewear.